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What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership that is formed for the benefit of the client. It is focused on achieving the objectives that are set by the client in collaboration with the coach.

The role of the coach is to create an environment where the client is able to think without interruption, in a positive and solution-focused manner.

Coaching facilitates a focus on the strengths that the client already has to ensure that their benefit is maximised in achieving the goals set for the coaching relationship. It is not uncommon that the coaching relationship may last beyond the specific reason for which it was originally intended.

Coaching benefits the whole person

Coaching is a thinking partnership between two experts (the client and the coach) in order to facilitate the client’s thinking and to offer different perspectives on matters discussed. Coaching is centrered on and is driven by the client – the client knows more about their life and work than does the coach and, as such, the process and the solutions are owned by the client. The coach’s role is to facilitate the thinking process by asking questions which would elicit the best thinking from the client to create awareness and enable an enviroment for clear, disciplined thought.

The main objective of coaching is to empower the client towards more effective living. The benefits of coaching often move beyond the work environment and may have a positive impact on all other aspects of the client’s life. This is because one of the main outcomes of coaching is that it creates a habit of self-reflection and self-awareness. Once one becomes aware of  limiting beliefs and assumptions, then change in thinking and behaviour leads to sustainable professional development and personal growth.

Coaching is not solely for poor performing individuals

Coaching is also not a service that is used solely for poor performing individuals. It may be effective is such situations, but that is not its primary value. Coaching is a tool for optimising thinking towards improved performance for long-term growth and achievement.

Different scenarios where coaching may be needed

Strategic thinking

Building on accounting work performed by GoldOurs for strategic thinking

Business Coach

Succession planning

Transitioning into new role as-well as coaching of future executives as part of succession planning and development.

Business Coach


Assisting in dealing with specific challenges experienced by an individual or team of executives.

executive coaching

Team coaching

Team coaching for understanding personality types, competency strengths and preferences for better team cohesion and collaboration towards decision-making and implementation.