• The thinking ethic: Do you really need it?

    Yes. But have you given enough thought to drive your commitment to developing your thinking ethic as a key skill, a life skill that is central for success in key areas of your life? Thinking powers your emotions, plans, dreams, learning, and habits. It determines and directs how you spend your time, money, and energy (Murphy, […]
  • So you decided to start your own business

    So you decided to start your own business The Summary Starting a business is an act of vision, of courage, and of generosity. It takes vision to see a possible future different from the current reality; it takes courage to start working towards your vision despite doubts that investing yourself will yield success; it takes […]
  • Life is God is infinite

    I am the master of my fate I am the captain of my soul. Such wisdom this statement contains, but though we hear it we do not really know it for what it is. Wisdom and knowledge are all around us … In the smallest thing and in the biggest thing. We can never fully […]
  • Fear and courage. Faith and doubt

    Fear is such a deceptive enemy. Imagine that you are afraid to speak in front of people, but you are on the program as a speaker at an event. There are 4 speakers ahead of you and 3 speakers after you. When the first speaker goes up, you are calm; then the second speaker. When […]