business coaching

About us


GoldOurs a South African-based private company operating in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

We offer expertise in executive leadership coaching, accounting services, leadership training, performance management and practical motivational speaking.

The name of the company is derived mainly from “Gold Mine”.

In line with our purpose/ mission, we exist to unearth the gold that resides in individuals and organisations, but for the benefit of all society and persons who come into contact with that individual or organisation (as opposed to the benefit being limited to just the one)

Our focus

Our focus is on constant improvement and progress towards goals in all the services that we offer – we want to partner and work together with clients in order to unearth and optimize all the value that resides in their skills, knowledge and giftings.

Our work

We offer holistic services in marrying the accounting, coaching, training, performance management and motivational work that we do.

It is, therefore, very important that we work not only with the mind to optimise value, but also that we constantly highlight the moral responsibility that we all carry as members of society in how we go about optimising and maximising that value – we deal with the head and with the heart.